Rhymeswithgeek is a unapologeticly geeky, mostly stay-at-home mother to two young, precocious boys. With a liberal education in the hardcore sciences and studio art, she and her engineer husband celebrate learning together as a homeschool family. A bit of a bookworm (ok, a HUGE, obsessive bookworm), RWG is often found nose-deep in an iPad, Kindle or paperback.

Ok, enough with the third person. My name is Angelique (rhymes with geek, get it?) and I’m a renegade homemaker. I love to cook from scratch (I have a thing against industrial food) and consider myself a big food geek. I’m an ethical omnivore and believe in the power of butter. In addition, I knit, crochet and sew tacky stuff for my kids, go nuts on a scroll saw, and play violin not well, but enthusiastically.

One more thing, we also own a 31ft Class C Motorhome. What better way to go on family adventures, eh?

Life is not a destination; come join us on our journey!

  1. Saw your comment on Soulemama! What is wonky exactly? I really like the word!:)

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