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The Worms Crawl In, The Worms Crawl Out… Part I

Vermiculture! Either shivers of excitement or revulsion are running down your spine right now, or perhaps, as in my case, a little of both. Compost heaps are prohibited in my neighborhood (as are laundry lines, but that’s a rant for another time). Not being made of money, I can’t afford a closed roller bin for composting. Enter the lowly red worm.


Two pounds of these little babies can live in a 10 gallon box in my garage and consume a half pound of kitchen scraps A DAY. If you can stomach the thought of a colony of worms squirming their way through your refuse, then, yeah, worms are way better than a big stinky compost pile.

The best part of this whole endeavor, is that I spent a total of $10 on supplies. Here is the very helpful website that details the worm bin construction (god, what did we do before the internet?):

Needless to say, the boys were very excited.


And I got to use the big manly drill.

Always a treat!

When explaining scientific processes to small children, I’ve found a good dose of grossness is always popular and well received, not to mention memorable. Accordingly, I explained to the boys how the worms will eat up our fruit and veggie leftovers and poop out compost for our garden, to which my eldest replied, “Yeah mom, I know! That’s what we’re pretending to do now!” with accompanying sound effects. Delightful!


So, with the bins drilled out, now all we have to do is order a few thousand worms and create the worm bedding from newspaper.

Piece of (moldy) cake!

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