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Worms: Part Deaux.

We’ve got worms!

First, a little music to set the mood. Go to Amazon: Dog On Fleas, Worms I’m a big fan of Kindie music (indie, folk and rock aimed at kids). I’m going to do a post soon on this, because no parent should have to suffer through The Wiggles.

Our box-o-worms finally came in the mail! It’s amazing what one can order from Amazon. My kids got busy cutting newspaper into long strips. I think Boy Wonder found this activity to be deeply satisfying. He cut strips for an hour, long after we had enough.

(Sorry, I can’t figure out how to flip it. My HTML skills are still in the n00b stage.)

Side note: a two year old can and should use scissors. Look for scissors with a spring arm to pop them back open after each cut. Then let your little one loose on as much newspaper he or she can handle and get it out of their system. It’s great for motor skills.

Anyway, I digress. After cutting, I soaked the strips in water, wrung them out and lovingly created a little worm paradise inside the previously drilled box. I tucked in some carrot peels for their first meal and dumped in the worms.


Before we covered them to let them do their thing, I got my kiddos to pick up some worms. Much hilarity ensued. YouTube Video of the Wormy Cuteness I couldn’t tell if my little guy was going to cry or laugh.

I think our worms are going to be a fun ongoing science project this summer! I’ll keep you updated.

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