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Well, hi. I’ve been debating for over a month on how to start this blog. I, of course, wanted to dazzle you with my entertaining anecdotes right off the bat. Nearly every day since creating my account, I’ve thought, “oh, I should blog about that, but I still need to do an introductory post first.”

So I’ve posted exactly nothing. Screw the intro post. You can figure out who I am as we go, like any good friendship, and I’ll just jump right in.

To make things a bit clearer, know that I’m 30, happily married to my high school sweetheart, Kyle, who is an engineer. We have two young boys of very different temperaments, which we homeschool. We also have a needy border collie/black lab named Coco, an evil-hearted falcon, I mean Quaker parrot, named Ernie. Don’t let the friendly Muppet name fool you.

I have a background in science and art, but I’m a huge linguaphile as well. In middle school, my nickname was “Dictionary”. (I welcome you grammar patrol, with open arms. Keep me on my toes.) I geek out over science fiction, Star Trek, in it’s various incarnations, in particular.

I am a “crunchy” mom and a “geek” mom. I do my “feasibility studies” (thanks for the term, Dad) and obsess a bit over everything I bring into our home. When I find something good that fits into our lifestyle, I love to share it.

As a geek, I tend to obsess over new and interesting topics. The Hubs and I are also busily mapping out our adventures in our bigass, kickass RV. Road trips are AWESOME.

So what topic would you like to hear more about? I’m bubbling over with pent-up ruminations!




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