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Mommy Deserves Nice Things

I think like many moms out there, I tend to spend more on the children than myself because, you know, it’s for the children. So, for my birthday this spring, I totally indulged on a wonderful, luxurious and completely unnecessary down pillow. As someone who has never owned a pillow nicer than Big Box’s cheapest, I am seriously in love with this pillow.

Anyway, to properly honor my newfound best friend, I felt no regular pillowcase would do. Oh no, the glory that is my pillow deserves something special.

Have you heard of Spoonflower? They custom print fabric with no minimum order, but the best part is that anyone can design a fabric and many of those designs are available to everyone, in any size. So, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of beautiful and quirky fabrics to pick from, designs you’d never find at your local sewing chain store. I’ve been looking for a good excuse to place an order ever since I discovered them.

I wanted some really luxurious raiments for my new true love, so I knew I wanted the Cotton Silk blend fabric. Because my bedroom is a painful shade of purple (a story for another day), I started my search with that color. And oh my lord, what I found!. I’ve been told chevrons are in this year. I am just impressed I found a fabric that coordinates with my, uh, unique decorating scheme. (Actually, I love all of C’est La Viv’s watercolor fabric designs and I’m looking for more excuses to place another order.)

My order was delivered quickly, and after I finished rolling in the delicious silky fabric, I quickly sewed up a new pillowcase fitting of my glorious pillow.


Sometime, it’s the little indulgences I appreciate the most.

*I have NOT been compensated in any way for the opinions given in this post.

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